The the - controversial subject - Controversial | Definition of Controversial by Merriam-Webster

The policy for our journals is to widely ignore the blogosphere, where competing interests, corruption, and anonymity prevail. Scientists contesting an article in one of MDPI’s journals are asked to prepare a scientifically rigorous Comment and submit it to the Editors of the journal for editorial review. The authors of such Comments are asked to declare all competing interests and their identity in the Comment , which will be published in the regular issue of the journal if it passes editorial review. Additionally, the author of the Comment will be asked to present references to their scientifically relevant previous publications on the subject, so that the Editors can assess the commentator’s capacity to judge the contested article in a rigorous manner. We do not allow personal attacks, defamatory statements, or comments of an aggressive tone. Any statements in the Comment need to be backed with scientific facts and references to the relevant scientific literature. Editors may ask that the Comment be revised at any time or may refuse to publish a Comment if it is judged to be inappropriate. Authors of the contested work will be given an opportunity to reply to the Comment .

The The - Controversial SubjectThe The - Controversial SubjectThe The - Controversial SubjectThe The - Controversial Subject